Order Pricing

When placing an order, City Colors will base price (when applicable) on files submitted no matter what was put on the order. For example, if you are submitting 1,000 business cards 4/0 as a “TIFF” file and when it is opened it is an EPS file, you will be charged without notice for an EPS file. This process will be done whenever necessary.

File Submission

City Colors always recommends that all files be double and even triple checked prior to being submitted to us for printing. Remember, City Colors does not alter files in any way. It is your responsibility to make sure the files are 100% correct. City Colors will try to catch any mistake you may have done but does not make any promises. Never rely on City Colors to catch your mistake.

Things that may happen that are 100% the client's responsibility are:

For TIFF, JPEG, Corel, & Photoshop files:

  • Incorrect bleeds
  • File is below 300 DPI
  • File is not in CMYK
  • No crop marks provided
  • Incorrect file size

For Illustrator, InDesign, Corel, or EPS files:

  • All fonts and text is NOT in outlines (curves).
  • Incorrect bleeds
  • File is below 300 DPI
  • File is not in CMYK (ALL images in the file), there are Pantone or PMS colors
  • No crop marks provided
  • Incorrect file size
  • OBJECTS ARE IN OVERPRINT (If something is in overprint there is a good chance it will come out wrong)

For QuarkXpress files:

  • Incorrect bleeds
  • File/Links are below 300 DPI
  • File/Links are not in CMYK
  • No crop marks provided
  • Incorrect file size
  • Fonts not included
  • Images not included
  • Links not included
  • No hard copy provided
  • OBJECTS ARE IN OVERPRINT (If something is in overprint there is a good chance it will come out completely wrong)

Magnetic Stock

Magnetic Stock refers to material that is Magnetic, which attracts to certain types of metals. It Does Not attract to all types of metals. City Colors does not guarantee that the magnetic attraction is powerful enough to hold up any material. It may hold up pieces of paper, but we do not guarantee it.

Silk Laminated Material

Any reference to "Silk" on our site means Plastic Matte film applied onto paper.

Drop/Blind Shipping

If you will be drop/blind shipping (sending something to an address other than your billing address), please make sure that you enter the address in the Customer Info section of the order form. Please do not enter any shipping address information in the comments section of the order form. We will not be responsible if you do so and we do not catch your error and ship the order to you.


We are unable to combine orders for shipment. Each order submitted is considered an individual shipment. Remember, shipping address is imputed by our customer, yourselves. All information put in the billing and shipping addresses are your 100% responsibility. City Colors is NOT responsible for ANY errors on your part.

Graphic Design

City Colors does not do any graphic designing services. City Colors is NOT LIABLE for errors in a final product caused by any of the following reasons: Misspellings, Graphics, Bleeds, Grammar, Damaged Fonts, Punctuation, bad or shifted cuts when no Crop Marks are provided, any object or text left in Overprint. We DO NOT make any changes on ANY files.

Submission of Artwork or Graphics

Images, designs and artwork must be submitted in CMYK format. City Colors does not print Pantone or PMS colors, they will be converted to CMYK. City Colors cannot be held responsible for any color shift that may occur in conversions from RGB to CMYK or Pantone to CMYK. Images, designs and artwork must be submitted with a minimum of 300 DPI and CMYK color mode. Customer provided artwork may vary in quality, therefore, City Colors cannot be held responsible for pixelated, blurry or distorted images. Important: City Colors will print from YOUR file. If what is sent to City Colors for printing is dark, it will print dark. If what is sent is light, it will print light. Therefore, what you provide City Colors for printing is what you will get when you receive your printed job. Once again, City Colors is NOT LIABLE for errors in a final product caused by any of the following reasons: bisspellings, graphics, bleeds, grammar, damaged fonts, punctuation, bad or shifted cuts when no crop marks are provided, any object or text left in Overprint. We DO NOT make any changes on ANY files.

Color Proofing and Matching

City Colors cannot be held responsible for matching colors or ink densities from proofs provided by customers. Screen proofs can be used to help display layout, text accuracy, image placement and proportion, but definitely not color. Important : Gang-run printing is a sheet set up to print with many different customer jobs combined to run at the same time. Colors may vary do to this type of printing. This process allows us to spread the expensive initial setup cost of running a full-color, offset job among many different customers. City Colors will print directly from the digital file(s) provided by the customer. (Important: City Colors will print from YOUR file. If what is sent to City Colors for printing is dark, it will print dark. If what is sent is light, it will print light. Therefore, what you provide City Colors for printing is what you will get when you receive your printed job.) The appearance of printed colors may be affected by UV coating (tend to get slightly darker, mostly in the yellow color) and also colors will look different depending on how bright or how dark the surroundings are where the printed work is being viewed, therefore, City Colors cannot be held responsible for final color appearance of products. Remember we print 100% off of what was submitted to us.


City Colors will try to print the desired quantity but due to make ready sheets, UV coating, cutting, etc, there is a 5% over/under to all orders. Industry standard is 10%. We will make every effort to give the desired quantity.

It is NOT recommended to design with borders. When used we will try to try to keep the job as even as possible all around but always remember there is some inevitable tolerance that must be taken into consideration. We do NOT guarantee an even cut all the way around borders or any type of design. It is 100% acceptable to have a printed product vary or be uneven by as much as 1/8 of an inch at times. This is sometimes IMPOSSIBLE to avoid. As a result City Colors does NOT guarantee ANY job to be 100% perfect from start to finish. Unfortunately, that is not possible in printing.

As far as final size, this may vary slightly. Normal printing standards are about 1/8th of an inch. This means if you submit a 4 x 6 the final size can really be as small as 3 7/8 x 5 7/8 (3.875 x 5.875). This is completely acceptable in the printing industry. The reason is INEVITABLE tolerances in the paper mills, on the presses, and on the cutters. However we will try our best to make the final size what is wished to be. Also City Colors has the right to upgrade paper quality without notifying the customer, but NEVER downgrading the quality of the paper nor charging extra. (ex. orders may say 80 lb. text, but print on 100 lb. text.) Also the standard paper color for 70 Lb Uncoated Linen, 70 Lb Uncoated Smooth, 100 Lb Uncoated Linen Cover & 100 Lb Uncoated Smooth Cover is WHITE.

When a job is folded, there may be INEVITABLE "cracking" along the folded spine. This happens because when you fold, you are slightly tearing/ripping a layer of the paper, which gives it the "cracked" appearance. There is nothing that can be done to prevent cracking. The only way to "hide it" a little is to design with a white background. This will not show the contrast between a dark color and the white paper fibers once it cracks.

Returns and Refunds

Customer orders have no re-sale value. Therefore, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If there is an error that is due to City Colors, we will re-print the order at our cost 100% and match your selected shipping method (ex. If you have originally chosen ground shipping, we will ship ground at no charge. We will not upgrade the shipping method at no charge.) If the customer is at fault, they will, like City Colors, take 100% responsibility. Any defects discovered to your job must be reported to City Colors within 2 days of your order’s receipt. After the 2 days, there will be no returns or refunds. When an orders is eligible for a credit, the job must be sent back to City Colors at YOUR cost prior to any credit being given. Very important, do NOT send us the order back unless we have verified and confirmed an error on City Colors' side. If you do send it without verification the job will be discarded and the charge will remain.


Once an order is submitted to City Colors, the order is FINAL. In some cases the order will be eligible for cancellation but there will be a fee applied depending on what stage the order is at. In most cases the job will be too late to stop.

Order Completion

City Colors reserves the right to refuse service and/or business without disclosing any reason.

All City Colors customers agree not to hold City Colors liable for delays in shipments caused by weather conditions, shipping company delays, or any other circumstance beyond City Colors direct control (power outages, Press break down, etc). City Colors shipment and delivery dates are calculated based upon estimates provided by our suppliers. Any claim regarding delivery of your order via our preferred carrier (UPS) must be submitted within 14 days of shipment. Also City Colors does NOT consider Saturday, Sunday, ANY Holiday or Vacation Days (Are posted on home page of site when applicable) a WORKING DAY. City Colors will TRY not to delay any orders due to holidays or vacation days but they cannot be held responsible if delays occur. In the event that an order is completed and paid for but not picked up, if marked "pick up" we will hold the job for no more than 45 days. After the 45 day period we will discard the job and not refund any money back. The same rules apply for jobs that are marked "UPS" and are not shipped due to customer request.

Customer Accounts, Administrators & Users

As of April 2, 2008, all orders via our website requires our customers to register an account and it must be activated prior to submitting an order. Customer accounts will give access to ONE account Administrator labeled as "Admin" and Several account "Users", users are optional and assigned ONLY by the account administrator. Remember, Users are given access to the account ONLY by the Administrator of that account. The Administrator has the ability to disable a particular User account at ANY time.

The account Administrator takes 100% responsibility of ALL the actions a User they have assigned may cause. Meaning, a User can add credit cards, pay with any credit card already listed on file, and place orders. ANY ORDER placed by the User, the account Administrator is 100% liable for that order, as the Administrator has granted the User the "right to order" by adding him.

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